Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Sirrush Winning Entry

Where are you going?
Sit right back down.
Oh, quit your groaning,
Hear about the town.

Every year they come
Slurping out of the swamp.
Slimy things slithering,
Some six hundred to stomp!

Stomp? Well, whack, really.
It's part of tradition.
What? It's not that silly;
There's a beast too, so listen!

From the murky depths so near
of that hot, humid bayou
each year rises, whom you fear,
that horrid beast - Rougarou!

Oh, what is his form?
Some say Obsideon,
Some say Ahbruis,
Or part both - hideous!

With the fever of the moon,
Crowned high in torrid skies,
He descends on us all soon,
All around you hear cries.

But you should fear not!
Old Benny shall help!
Make sure you're not caught;
He'll banish the whelp!

But the fun of that day!
Benny, Rougarou, znakes,
Misticans whacking away,
Masks, beads, coins, and cupcakes!

And every year
It happens the same.
You've heard in your ear
The tale of such fame.

Oh, fine, you may go.
I've said all need said.
Don't give me such woe,
Just go back to bed.