Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Fyrewise Winning Entry

In the depths of Dire Morana
Lived a fiend of tooth and bone
He scarcely saw another creature
Thought his own heart made of stone

Spent his hours empty, secretly pining
For something brighter in his days
Until one day a pink cloud came
And disrupted his dark gaze

Infestation floated overhead
Cooties buzzed and lovebugs spun
Gruff Obsideon, so appalled at what he saw,
Left his dark and lonely hole to run

Far past the wasteland bounds he ran
Into forests green and bright
And still the bugs and cooties trailed him
Exhausted, he turned with a snarl to fight!

The cooties swarmed around him
He was caught up by waves of bugs
His teeth and claws gave no protection
From their enthusiastic hugs

At last the infestation, spent, zoomed away
Leaving Gruff canine blinking in surprise
His fur felt so warm and fuzzy now
And there were hearts before his eyes!

So the pup bid goodbye to his desert home
And with a bounce, began his way
To find a mate, to procreate
And that's where he is today!