Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

puredream Winning Entry

It was a normal day at Makoto’s Shop when you entered the dank cavern. However, the little anya was no where to be seen, but in his place was a familiar looking haruba leaning back with an especially smug essence about him.

“Ah!” His eyes twinkled in mischievous delight as if assessing a piece of particularly plump prey. “Savy to hear a swash-buckling tale of adventure and piracy, mate?” He winked knowingly at you as if that was the whole reason for your visit.

Thinking about it…. Makoto was no where to be seen so it wouldn’t do any harm to listen while waiting for him, right? Seeing the agreement, Capt’n Skillow instantly leaped on the chance and began his tale of roguery.

“It was two moons ago, matey, when my latest shipment had been made. The seas were calm and the men were bored. They hadn’t the taste of a storm for two weeks before talk of dessert began to whisper along with every lazy creak of the timbers. Ay! It was maddening until we saw it!

“There as if the seas had opened up and delivered us a treasure from the bottom of its depths, one of those rich Misticans had decided to use their vessel as a pleasure cruise and had sailed straight into a lot of mutinous pirates. The pitiful landlubbers!

“We hatched up the prettiest scheme ever and turned our sails ravenous towards our booty. Within the hour we could see the finely stitched seams of their costumes. They were making such merriment, they did not see us until we were crossin’ the planks. It didn’t take long to overwhelm them, but somethin’ eerie was afoot. They remained as still as could be… We had walked unwitt’nly into the lair of Capt’n Cheran Jack and his bonny lasses Mandy Read and Anya Bonny.

“They took use by surprise. Many of my men were bloodied in the brawl. The air crackled with the sound of smashing wood and the odor of gunpowder stained the air. The crew fought the ferocious scurvy dogs. Clouds began to fill the sky as a storm was drawn to our mood. Rain poured down as Capt’n Cheran Jack and I clashed swords; each strike of steel booming like thunder. That was when I was fatally wounded…

“The old dog played dirty and used one of his tricks to disarm me and stick me like a pig. Using the treacherous lass Anya Bonny to distract me, he managed to send me into the sloshing waves below and straight for Draky Jones’. My lungs filled up with salt as I heaved the last breath of a dying man. The light of the sun became dimmer and dimmer as I sunk to the blackened depths, when suddenly….”

“What do you think you are doing here?” Makoto screeches at you as he enters with a rather large cart of goods, “Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it!” He scurries to shove you back. You hadn’t realized until know, but you were leaning over his merchandise in anticipation.

“Sorry about that, mate.” Skillow straightens up, “I was just telling the tale of how I nearly died and was recued by the prettiest little oceanic haruba in the nine seas. You know the one. It begins something like this—“

“I am aware,” Makoto glares haughtily at his companion, making the Haruba prickle in embarrassment, “But it this ‘scurvy dog’ isn’t going to buy something he better leaves.” Uh-oh. I guess you have worn out your welcome. Perhaps it would be best to come back another time and hear the rest of the tale?