Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

They run around everywhere
messing everything up
They break things all the time
Even my special China Cups

No reguard for following the rules
Breaking them at every chance
Being grounded does nothing for them
They'll still do the same dance

Footprints on the ceiling
Footprints on the walls
Footprints on the counter tops
Footprints down the halls

I scrub the floors and everything else
I clean up after them every day
It gets tiring doing all this stuff
Cleaning their dishes and putting them away

I hear their screams down the hallway
Telling them to keep it down
It gets quiet for just one moment
Then comes back all of the sound

I always say how I can't wait for them to grow up
Learning right from wrong
but in reality, it saddens me so
When they'll go to bed without me having to sing them a song

These times seem hard
Seeming like a crisis
But I love them so dearly
For home is where the heart is