Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Ace Winning Entry

A bundle of feathers, a clump of fur,
some scales scattered in between.
A wayward glance would show just that,
but closer inspection will reveal
a group unlike one you've ever seen.
Not merely just a herd of pets,
they're individuals, every one of them
has a story to share,
so please take care
to stay and talk with them.

You may hear a tale of adventure,
full of blizzards and mountains of snow,
a story of endearment,
hugs and letting go,
light hearted trips with friends
on the wild ocean waters,
a town never changing,
a solemn, silent saunter,
afternoons spent thinking,
sipping cups of coffee,
day and night become the same,
and dreams merge with reality.

Those are their stories,
such a wide range they are,
but that is not the end, no,
there may be more in store.