Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

lillium Winning Entry

This was going to be Dimitri the Haruba and Melixa's, first Christmas, not just for the. Melixa the Tarinooki was excited for once about the holidays. She had grown up in an experimental lab so she has never seen the famous Christmas's tree. Dimitri grew up in a family that never celebrated any holiday.
"Ready to go shopin'?" Melixa flies over to Dimitri, ducking down to kiss him between his ears. He flinched out of habit. Melixa bites her bottom lip, she knew that his parents were just as cruel as the scientists that raised her.
"Y-yeah." Dimitri answers quickly recovering. He tried hard not to let his past interfere with his present. Melixa smiles and leads Dimitri out of the warehouse and towards the out skirts of town. It was getting colder everyday. It was even worse since there was a bay that surrounded the one side, which happens to be the one incoming breeze comes from. Melixa was glad that she had a thick layer of fur. Dimitri wouldn't complain even if he was numb. It wasn't long before they get to the forest where an older and fatter Emperon stood waiting for people to come buy a tree.
"Oh, hello there. Wanna buy a tree?" The Emperon asks. Melixa flashes a smile, well more of a smirk than a smile.
"Yeah," she answers quickly.
"The bigger trees are towards the front, small in the back." He answers after recovering from the frightening smirk. Dimitri fights a laugh from watching the Empreon's reaction. Melixa flies towards the middle in the front row. It was pretty big with thick branches.
"How about this one?" She asks Dimitri. He nods, letting her have the fun of picking out a tree.
"That one's pretty pricy." The Emperon says quietly. Melixa looks over to Dimitri who nods his head quickly once. Melixa smiles a sweeter smile to him in thanks. Dimitri pays the Emperon. The two boys cut the tree at the stump. The Emperon ties a thick rope around the base so Dimitri and Melixa could drag it home. The walk back home was much longer than the one to the forest. But they do make it there in one piece. Once home they set the tree up in the center of the main floor room. Melixa was able to lift the top while Dimitri secured the base. The two start to decorate it with shiny little orbs of different shades of colors. Melixa did the top half and got to put on a big bright yellow star on top. They both stood back and were very proud of their handy work. Over the few days before the big holiday was kind of crazy with shopping and making small rearrangements in the room. On the big morning Melixa wakes up first and acts just like a little child on christmas. Super excited. She floats around singing some of the few christmas songs that she had Xavier teach her. Dimitri and Melixa were sitting together close to the tree but something was missing. Their family wasn't complete, there was a single certain Aetra missing. And on cue to figure it out there was a chime at the door but neither of the two moved but neither had to because their friend comes waddling in. Melixa smiles as Xavier takes a spot next to her.
"It wouldn't be complete without you." Melixa smiles and hugs her friend. He smiles in return.
"I was going to stay home and let you two have the day alone but I had a feeling you would be sad without me." Xavier explains.
"I would be. I thought at first that Dimitri alone was my family but I realized something, you are part of it. You are like a brother. And I am glad that I have my family together." She chimes. "Merry Christmas!" Melixa sings out.