Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

SuperSheep Winning Entry

A small cottage stood alone in a forest of evergreens. Crisp autumn winds whistled here and there, occasionally taking with them a stray leaf or two. Inside this cottage a bright fire glowed in a fireplace, surrounded by three Misticpets.
"Okay," said a little Tarinooki, "I know it's almost Thanksgiving and everything, but did we really need to buy this expensive little cabin? Couldn't we have just celebrated at home?" She finished talking with a sip of apple cider.
A middle-aged Belragoth to her side shook his large head. "The city isn't a very good place to try and be thankful, my dear. Too many people in line, bumping into you, and being indecisive about what to order at the restaurants. I for one get too fed-up to even think about being thankful. The peace here is much more enjoyable." An Obsideon sitting a little further away laughed, making the Belragoth sigh in annoyance. "For the last time, Damien, get off your cell phone!"
Damien glared. "Make me, old man. You've already brought me way out here, you can't take away my phone, too!"
The Belragoth sighed. "First off, I'm only in my thirties, and am not an old man. Secondly, we came here to do some family bonding, not-"
"Whatever, old man. I'll stop just because I don't want a lecture right now."
The Tarinooki giggled. "Bro's annoyed, haha!"
"I'm not your brother, Rai!" he shouted. Even though none of them were blood-related, they treated each other like family because they had no one else. Well, usually they did.
The Belragoth sighed again when Rai started whimpering. "Rai, you're older than him, please stop acting like a child. Damien, you may not be her real brother, but you know you two are practically siblings."
"When are we gonna stop playing family, anyway? We're not one, and that won't change. It can't," replied Damien, sounding as though he had a lump in his throat.
"Family doesn't have to be blood-related. We care about each other, look after each other, and love each other, and therefore we're family. After all, it's not like we have any real family. Now you're both acting like children... Rai, stop crying!"
Rai finally stopped. She hopped up, walked over to Damien and gave him a hug. "That's right. We'll always be there for each other- we'll always be a family. Right, Damien?" She looked up at him.
Smiling gently, he patted her head. "Yeah, that's right. Sorry for making you cry... sis."