Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

venusdemilo Winning Entry

Wisps of golden soot
Remind us of a sun-kissed June,
Whilst glory flames lick our skins
In a blazed wonder.
Here we're reminded oh so soon,
Of the joys of an apricot summer.

Inferno rare in warmth of wrath,
Envelop us with heated grasps,
Above, the sun burns along
A scene of joy, inflated fun!
For the morning star fuels our own,
Calls, calls upon these rich flames glow'n,
And enriches only, in time of psalm.

When our fires consume us whole,
Engulf us in unbearable surges of inferno flame,
We cry, cry in happy wonder --
For it is the warmth, the sacred warmth
That we live for.