Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Feather_soul Winning Entry

The raspy call of a fiery inferno colored Skillow broke through the crisp silence of the warm, black, night. A large Inferno colored Obsidian stepped from a cave in the side of a volcano, he howled long and harsh as down the volcano, a small Flaming Haruba stepped from a chaared heap of rocks. with a burst of flame, she ran up the mountain side and to the top, being met by the Obsidian and the Skillow.
A soft rumbling shook the earth as the volcano started shooting flaming chunks of rock, it was like a firework display for the three Inferno pets. Wondrous abstract patterns were filling the sky as the three watched from the edge of the volcano. suddenly, a form started materializing in the lava far below, and a smiling, inferno, Emperon poked his red and black head out of the water and started swimming in circles, blowing lava into the air.
The Skillow laughed lightly and the Obsidian just watched as the Haruba jumped down into the lava and started swimming around in the molten rock, soon, all four of the inferno pets were swimming and splashing in the lava.
This had to be the best day for them ever. this happened every year when their owners left to go see fireworks, and this special occasion was always looked forward to. nothing could be better than the fiery pets enjoying their own version of fireworks, and a swim in the volcano.