Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Amethyst Winning Entry

The classroom was covered with spooky things: spydre webs hanging from every corner; creepy carved Pommekins on the shelves and terrifying hanging bats. But a story that is known by all really gets everyone spooked up, The Tales of Lanturnacht. It tells of a infestation of Phantom’s who would terrify the folks of the village by throwing Pomme’s and of a brave hero who saved them all from a life of chaos. Every child dreams of becoming a hero like Jack.

The Pommekins light shined in the darkness of the night and the first of the
children, in their creepy outfits, were coming to the door of School which now
looked like a haunted house to frighten the boldest of Misticans. Along down the
street, the little Cheran was walking down holding his mother’s hand, dressed as
a scary Foxxie, he felt really confident tonight. They walked through the doors of
the scary building and were stunned. The Cheran could hardly tell who anybody was when they were dressed up but suddenly a massive phantom came up behind and shouted: “Boo!” The Cheran thought this could be his chance so he jumped on the figure, tearing away at it. “Oi, ah help I’m being attacked!” came a shout. Pieces of material went flying everywhere and underneath hid something. “Oh look what you have done, my costume.” The Gourix came out from the shredded bits of cloth. The Cheran stepped back in horror. “I’m sorry Sir, I thought you were a real Phantom” he apologised. “Ah it’s ok silly boy” The two Cheran’s laugh at the teacher’s joke but were soon cut off as the other children called out. The Cheran’s stared at each other but they both knew what was to happen next. “Mum, its story time!” the little one cried. He tugged his mother to the circle which was forming in the middle of the room. “Come in everyone, it’s time for spookiness, creepy crawlies and horrifying tales!” the young Gourix said to everyone. Children ran to take their seats; they got comfy and awaited for their teacher to tell.

After the many traditional Halloween stories that were told each and every year,
many of the children were growing tired. The Cheran, who was still wide awake, decided to take a walk; he got himself up and tip-toed out of the room and into the many halls of his School. The darkness was still, nothing could be heard except the Cheran’s breath. “I’m not scared of the dark...” he said aloud. There was a squeak; maybe it was a window? He looked around but the darkness prevented him from seeing a thing. “Hello? Anyone there?” Unknown to the Cheran, something was watching his every move. He walked on; he turned a corner and noticed that a light was on. Slowly, he walked towards the open door and before he could look around a wing appeared from the doorway. The Cheran cried out in horror, he shut his eyes as quickly as lightening. He couldn’t keep them close for long; anticipation got the better of him. “Oh sorry, did I scare you?” came the voice from a Skillow. The Cheran let out a breath of relief. “Oh of course not, I’m the bravest of them all!” The Skillow looked up confused. “Ah well ok, see you” She flew down the darkening corridor that the Cheran had just came from. He walked on; one paw in front of another.

He was beginning to think it was a bad idea to venture out by himself. ‘No, I’m going to be a hero and I’m not scared’ From behind, a shadow overtook the brownness of the Cheran’s body. Slowly he turned his body but to his surprise, there was nothing there. ‘My eyes are playing tricks on me’ he nervously thought. Suddenly a noise came out of nowhere; it sounded like it was coming from the ceiling. The Cheran walked on but he saw a glow, he reacted by pouncing. At one point he thought he didn’t actually catch anything but with a second look he was puzzled to see what it really was. A phantom. “Wow I’ve caught a real phantom!” he cried in delight. “You wretched baby, let go of me!” said the phantom Anya. “I’m going to show you to my whole class and they’ll think I’m a real hero” He held on to the Anya’s tail and dragged him through the dark hallways. He ran as fast as he could, making sure he didn’t let go of his prize. Once he saw the light ahead he couldn’t contain his excitement anymore and in doing so he accidentally let go of the phantom. “Ha! That will teach you to mess with Phantom’s!” It turned to go but to his surprised he flew straight into a net. “You think that a measly net can hold me?” he said. “This net is made from Pommekins and we all know that a phantom’s weakness is Pommekins!” came a voice whom it was impossible to see the face of. A head came out of the shadows and to the Cheran’s surprise the Skillow whom he saw earlier had the net in her wing. “Hey again, I heard you wanted to be a hero and now you have proved yourself. You’ve saved the whole School from a Phantom!” The Cheran cheered with delight. “I did, didn’t I? Just like my hero!” He ran into the hall where everyone was awake from the noise he had made. “Mum! Sir! I just saved the School from a Phantom, quickly come see” He called his teacher and pulled at his mother’s clothes. The lights came on but nothing could be seen. The Cheran looked around for both the Phantom and Skillow. “That Skillow in our class was here too, she had a Pommekin net” cried the Cheran. “What Skillow, there isn’t one in our class” said the surprised Gourix. “You must have been dreaming, love” The Cheran looked down in despair: “No, I saw it with my own eyes…” The Gourix put his paw around the Cheran’s shoulder: “Come on son” With nothing else to say or do, the Cheran followed his teacher down the hall.

The Skillow chirped, the Anya purred. “We’ll get them next year dear…” They laughed in unison. The Phantom’s took off in flight.