Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Mockingbird Winning Entry

Walking down the shadowed lane
Watch Jasper hum a merry tune
While some wonder if he's sane
No one knows that he won't be seen soon.

He said, she said
Let's see where the path led
He went, she went
Walking down the trail
He screamed, she screamed
At the first unearthly wail.

Jovial Jasper,
The clouds grabbed and obscured the moon.
The moon fled from its dark grasper,
And its rays broke to Earth and Jasper.

He said, she said,
No one knew where the path led.
He saw, she saw,
Where in the sky the indigo bled.
He said, she said,
The night was coming fast.
He said, she said,
That Jasper wouldn't last.

Jovial Jasper,
Break away from your own grasper.
Midnight lights your path of fate.
Flee before it is too late.