Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Repose Winning Entry

Lysithea, oh how beautiful she once was.
More beautiful than Mistica itself.
Her vainness; was it a crime?
For she was whole
and shone
with a light that challenged the light of Pandoria, herself.
Her mirror was the seas of Mistica;
kept still against all cries.
Oh how Pandoria grew angry;
for Lysithea,
he ignored the seas pleas; she would not let it frolic and roll
as the sea wished.
Pandoria, oh Pandoria,
she could take the seas cries no more.
Oh how she raged,
how she screamed!
First a challenge to her beauty
and now to the sea?
Oh poor Lysithea the beautiful;
Why was she so vain?
She noticed not the anger of a goddess;
until it was too late.
Lysithea, oh Lysithea the vain!
Her beauty was torn;
her once perfect face, perfect no more.
Her light faded,
so she dared not look at herself once more.
Oh how she cried;
she cried herself apart.
Lysithea the Broken,
why dared you to be so vain?
For there are many you hurt and something precious, lost.