Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Repose Winning Entry

Come close little one… closer. Have you ever heard the tale of Lysithea the Broken? No, no, not the new-fangled scientific tale, dearest. I mean the one full of magic, or remorse; a tale of shattered beauty and jealousy. Hehehe, are you curious now my dear? Perhaps you’d like to hear the tale, yes? I promise you it’s a tale like no other. I swear it, by Pandoria, I do. Listen carefully my dear; the tale begins on a dark night… near the dawn of time, before even the cherai roamed the lands of Mistica.

And Pandoria said “Let there be Light”, as you, my dear, have probably already heard. She created the moons Europa the Blue, Himilia the Red, and Lysithea the Beautiful to brighten our nights and give us hope. But, she also commanded the moons to guide us. To Europa, she commanded to inspire wisdom and awe within the people; to Himilia she requested her to bring strength to them; and finally to Lysithea… she instructed her to stir beauty and art in the hearts of the Misticans.

Yes, Lysithea the Beautiful, my dear, for she was beautiful then. … No, no, she was not yet broken as you think. That is what they’ve told us isn’t it? Heeheehee. Don’t believe what they tell you my dear, most of it is lies. Ah, well, you’re distracting me from my tale, hush and listen to what I have to tell you.

Lysithea purred with contentment as she preened before her mirror, her rather large oceanic mirror, known as the sea.

“Mirror, mirror, reflect to me who the most beautiful of all the moons may be.” She hummed to the sea, “Out of all the moons, Himilia the Powerful and Europa the Wise, and myself… why, there’s only me!”

The sea replied just as ever, “You are beautiful! You are beautiful! You know it yourself, so why must you hold us still with your might. We wish to roam and be free, as beautiful as you are, we were not meant to become a mirror for you, oh beauteous Lysithea! So please. Let us be. We beg of you…”

“Oh, nonsense!” she cried, “For didn’t Pandoria herself ask me to share my beauty with you all?”

That may have been so, but even Pandoria did not approve of Lysithea’s frivolous and careless ways. Yes, Lysithea was meant to be a beauty, but she was not to hurt the others to share it. The sea was commanded to frolic and lap playfully by the shore, to help seed the lands with trees and with plants, as well as transport a few interesting creatures to land. Pandoria wanted the sea to be free! She commanded all creation to never, ever, come in the way of another’s work unless she wished it so.

The Goddess’ patience wore thin as century after century Lysithea did not change. The beautiful world of Mistica was slowly fading away… What? No, no dear it did not fade away in the end of this story. Why? Oh, alright. Well, you really need to keep your questions to yourself sometimes, child. What was that? Oh, the tale of course. Now, where was I? Ah, of course.

Lysithea continued purring in front of the mirror, feeling as beautiful as always, and then she said the unspeakable, “I am more beautiful than Pandoria, aren’t I, sea? No one can compare to my beauty!” she giggled slightly with joy.

The sea stayed silent; it would not be wise to speak at such a time. For Pandoria… she heard the very words Lysithea had spoken. Her patience, her mercy, it snapped away like a rubber band leaving her only with pure anger and wrath. Lysithea screamed with terror, it shook Mistica to the very core. (And that my dear is why all of us Misticans don’t live in the same continent anymore. Her scream tore apart the land – that is how loud it was.) What poor Lysithea saw, what she felt, no one is to know but her and Pandoria.

“Fool,” raged Pandoria, “Beauty is fleeting. From this point into eternity, may you mourn the loss of your ethereal and beautiful glow.”

It is said that Lysithea was so broken after the loss of her beauty that she collapsed on herself and clawed at her face. Poor thing, she could no longer bear to look at herself and released her hold on the sea. (No, no, dear. It had nothing to do with gravitational pull. Shh.)

From that day forth, Lysithea was dubbed Lysithea the Broken… but if you look carefully, dear, you can still see traces of her beauty. It flickers, yes, but it’s still there. Well, my dear, wouldn’t you say this is a much better tale than those strange things scientists come up with? Well, run along now, wouldn’t want to keep your pets waiting.

At this I watched the storyteller fade away like a ghost. I wonder who that storyteller really was. She certainly appeared older than time itself… All I know is that as she faded, she whispered in my ear, “Things aren’t always as they seem, my dear.”