Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Kite Winning Entry

It wasn’t the fire, so much it seemed,
With orangey swirls that crackled and beamed,
That stole my attention that fateful night,
Despite its flames, that lanced – so bright.

It was those eyes, such charming eyes,
With gleaming orbs of red and crème,
That held me there, beneath that stare,
As to be within a dream.

Inferno Ahbruis, you magnificent fiend
Of turgid flames, and teeth; white bream
When you draw close, the breathless heat,
Engulfs my all - So strong, yet sweet.

A powerful hound, beset by fire,
Whose eyes beheld such burning charm,
I feel not worthy, nor limbs enough sturdy,
As sweat does gleam upon my palms.

The beast draws close, his nostrils flared,
Inhales my scent, jaws slightly bared,
But then retracts, his paws draw back,
In a glimpse he was gone – just like that.