Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Arcticpaw Winning Entry

Lance went to school for his first time in high school. When he got there, he went to his classroom and sat down. A girl named Trina sat by him, focusing on her work. Lance thought she was beautiful, and couldn't concentrate on his test. A few minutes past by, but he didn't work. He was too focused on her. Finally, the teacher said, "The test is now over. turn your papers in, then return to your seats." Lance looked up at the teacher, startled that time went by so quickly. "May I have a bit more time?" he asked. "I'm sorry Lance",she said, "but you had more than enough time to work. Anyone can finish a little test in an hour." An hour! Thought Lance, surprised. It was only a few minutes! Scared, he turned in his paper and sat down quietly. When everyone returned to their seats, The teacher said, "Lance, may I see you for a moment?" He quietly got up from his seat and went to her desk. "I'm afraid you didn't answer any questions on the test. What's wrong? Lance looked at her shyly. "I-it's nothing..." he said. "How can I help you if you don't open up?" Asked the teacher. "It's Trina... "Lance!" she yelled." Think about Trina on your own time! You haven't even met her!!" Lance became terrified. "Shhhhhhhhh!" Lance whispered. Trina looked up at him with big eyes. Lance returned the gaze. "Trina, I..." The teacher cut him off. "Lance, if you won't focuse on your work, go to the principles office now." said the teacher strictly. Lance got up, glanced at Trina, and went to the principles office. After school, he walked home, furious at the teacher for ruining everything.