Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 73

Music Winning Entry

It was a stormy, Saturday morning in the month of August. Lance was sitting near the fireplace, twitching his fingers to feel warmth. He sighed and dropped his paw swiftly onto his lap.
"The weather is horrible today, horrible!" Lance moaned, "At least there is still my favorite television show playing..."
He flicked the switch to his plasma TV, and waited for the screen to adjust. Impatiently, Lance pressed some numbers, and there was the channel; Fire TV.
His excitement burned to fury, as he saw what the TV said; Error, No Signal.
"WHAT?!" Lance roared, aggravated and furious, "No television? No sun? It's August for Mistic's sake!"
Lance stormed out of the living room. Quickly, he grabbed his red raincoat and slipped on his red rain boots. He covered himself up, so the rain could not soak him, and ran to his red Ferarri with flames on the sides. Mumbling something unintelligent, he slammed the door beside him, and drove 80 miles per hour to his clothing shop.
The teeny shop was awaiting Lance. The whole front of it was glass, and luckily, the roof overhead had protected it.
"Oh my perfection, I'm glad you're not covered in this horrible weather!"
The rain-soaked Cheran ran to his clean, cozy shop, and closed the door silently behind him.
"I guess I'll be working on the weekends, then."
Lance pushed aside the purple curtains and flipped the open/closed sign. A bit more enlightened, he strided across the room to his comfy, wooden desk. He sat back in his
black, leather chair, and sighed in happiness.
"I guess being at work can make you a lot cozier than staying in your own home," he wondered to himself.
Lance pushed his seat back up and started typing on his laptop. Suddenly, a tall, and beautiful lady stepped through the door. Of course, Lance was prepared and asked, "How may I help you on this fine day?"
She pointed without speaking to the purple, elegant, ballroom dress. It had beads and sparkles, and even came with gloves. Her hair was already done neatly, perfectly, for this dress.
"Would you like to try it on, madam?" Lance questioned, slightly confused.
She shook her head and gave Lance a 5,000,000 MC Check. From the corner of Lance's eye, he saw the strange lady smile.
"I would like to buy this, sir. But since it stopped raining, I won't need anything too special to put it in. Simply a plastic cover would be fine."
She glanced at the dress, then back to Lance. His mouth was still gaping after she said "5,000,000 MC". Lance snapped back into reality and rushed to the back of the store.
Lance grabbed the original dress and sold it to the lady.
Amused, she handed over the check and bid Lance good-bye. He waved back at her, and he was suprised when he saw the weather was bright and sunny.
Delighted, Lance ran outside to enjoy the weather. He was about to thank the mysterious lady, but she vanished.