Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

Lugia Winning Entry

A small Braenon stirred in her sleep. It was apparent she would awaken shortly, but the Obsideon lying next to her was snoring softly, engrossed in the dream she was having.

“Pandoria is going to wake any moment now." Aurelius' voice was smooth, flowing across the room to where Meriklaus sat. She looked up from her interlocked hooves, setting them on the stone table beneath her with a sigh.

“And her sister..?" She asked, casting a cloudy glance to the Obsideon. Aurelius shook his head, sending the room into a heavy silence. What broke it was the high-pitched whine Pandoria made as she transitioned from sleep to consciousness. The Braenon sat up, holding herself erect and gazing at the two unfamiliar forms curiously from behind her crib's bars.

“Do you think she's old enough to begin her reign?" The Mericai questioned a moment later, her eyes shifting from Ansidoria to Aurelius. The spirit looked down at his folded arms, trying not to frown.

“Possibly. Even for a Braenon, she has shown wit and kindheartedness exceptional for her age. My chief concern, however, is that Ansidoria will be jealous; furious, even, once she figures out her sister is more well-suited to protect Mistica than herself," he paused and glanced towards the Obsideon, watching her chest rise and fall for a moment before continuing. “I think we should wait a bit longer before making any decisions."

“I understand," Meriklaus replied slowly. “Although I'm not sure how wise it is to keep them together like this--"

“I was thinking the same thing," Aurelius interjected. “It's clear that the two of them, even being sisters, are stark opposites. That's why we will have to keep them separated when they grow old enough to comprehend the situation they're in." The Mericai nodded impassively, her expression blank.

“Another few years, then?" She suggested. Aurelius grunted an approval, then turned towards a large opening in the wall that served as a door into and out of the cave.

“I guess I'll be taking my leave now. It's not often I visit Mistica's surface; I'm beginning to feel the toll it has taken on my health," He paused and began to walk towards the hole. “Just watch over the pair; make sure they don't get into much trouble." A faint smile found its way onto Meriklaus' face.

“I will do that," she stood with a swift motion. “Until we meet again, Aurelius." The Mericai then pushed her chair towards the table and approached Aurelius. Giving him a light, but reaffirming clap on the shoulder, the two exchanged nods. With a wave, Aurelius took another step, his figure flickering. After two more steps, he was gone, a mere aurora in the moonlit sky.

Meriklaus withdrew her gloved hoof from where it rested on thin air, reflecting on the conversation. Her thoughts were interrupted by a low growl. Turning quickly, the Mericai noticed that Ansidoria had awoken and had her lips pulled back to snarl at her sister.

One will rule over Mistica... but what will become of the other? Meriklaus thought. All that can be done at this point is wait...