Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

puredream Winning Entry

To be honest, I hardly know where to begin. Five years can be both long and short depending on how you look at it. It is long, because it is a huge accomplishment to show such dedication, but at the same time looking back the three years I have been here out of the five seem to have whisked by before my eyes.

This wonderful site has seen its share of growing pains and heartaches, but it has also seen its share of happy endings and celebrations. The most common thing people chose to comment on, next to the art, is the friendly community and staff. Therefore, I will not sing their praise in fear of being overdone. Instead, I would like to share my own story about this community.

I have always felt like the outcast, and now looking back at it I realize that I was not the only one. However, once I actually began to talk to the people, I found the warmness was one hundred percent sincere and real. We may all have conflicting view points on occasion, but no one takes this to heart too much and they brush it off to make this community the best that it can.

When a monumental event takes place, the site throws all it has into it to make it the best. Even when the occasion is minor or there is not a celebration at all, gifts can be seen flying from member to member, be it a pomme, a much needed plushie, or even a Credit Shop item here in there. Well thought out advice and responses can be seen greeting users on the forums daily.

Even when some of us are not our best, the majority gives the appearance of a wonderful thoughtful group of people. I am blessed to know them and been able to share so many experiences with the young and old, new and veteran users. No one seems above another, and if you mail any person, you will get a friendly response. Everyone is willing to help anyone.

I recall the first time I began to play a little over three years ago. The there were only two flash games and two quests. In short I could count the games on my two hands. Alliances were just being reopened and we had the first Imp and Sprite War along with the first “tossing”. In short, it was a time with a bunch of new features that have become common place today. But even from the beginning there has been polls asking for the regular members opinions. I remember being able to decide if we could convert MC to MP or send it to users and other important things like that which would effect user daily life. This site has grown so much even if we hardly notice the changes any more, because they are considered commonplace.

Overall, this community deserves to be celebrated for being a group of wonderful people with amazing ideas, and, in turn, this site and the owner deserves to be celebrated for bring us all together. Cheers to five years already and five more years to come!