Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 66

Hollowellow Winning Entry

Leaping and bounding with the exuberance of a rock, Rouyakan waded into the slightly chilled waters of the ocean.

Never before had boredom struck with such an intensity that it left him feeling like clawing a sizable hole to the center of the earth and diving into the pit of lava that awaited him there. That was the only thing driving him to allow this stupidity, he convinced himself.

Azraback, a Kratork, was intent upon finding the perfect seashell, with which to use in his sand creations. As in, his messily crafted blobs of indecernable nature needed eyes.

Sensing the question before it was asked, Rouyakan dragged himself from the shady protection of the sparse trees littering the beach and submerged himself into the icy depths for his, albeit loosely named, friend.

On the shore, Azraback was doggedly scouring the grainy surface for the perfect shells, only to curse and toss them away when they didn't meet his standards.

Sighing as his head filled with thoughts of just where his 'friend' could shove those unfit seashells flittered through his mind, the dark Jinx swept up yet another small seashell with a large paw.

However patient he was, they were getting nowhere fast and he grew tired of his search. Dropping the too oddly shaped shell back into the waters, he was about to dive down when he felt something shift under his back foot.

Curious, he ignored his friends outburts onshore and dove under the water. Glowing amber orbs fixated on a shiny object, just poking out of the surface. Grasping it in his capable paws, he pulled it free of it's confines as bubbles escaped his nose.

Finally returning to the surface, and dripping salt water from his now subdued mane, he made his way ashore. A bottle, held delicatly in his grasp, was noticed by one cursing Kratork.

Suddenly disinterested in his search for the perfect shells, the red beast ambled over to see what the black Jinx had found.

Rouyakan dutifully popped the cork at the look of askance, freeing the contents safely tucked inside. A crumbling paper unraveled at his guidance.

The duo examined this find, an odd sort, with scribbles and crayon colors etched into it's decaying surface. The red X drew their attention, and the scribbles were now realized as lines, marking the way to some hidden treasure.

Deciding to give shell finding a break, they set out to find the mark on the map. Over hills and through forests they finally came to a stop in forboding woods. Checking that they were in the right place, they started to dig.

The area was eerily quiet save for the noise they were making. Wind blew, and the sun that shone through the canopy above was more chilling than warm. Rouyakan's now dried hackles were raised in warning of anything that may dare jump out at them while they were otherwise preoccupied, while Azraback's tail whipped agitatedly back and forth.

The abundance of dirt flying was a somewhat comical sight, if one overlooked the dreary setting. The upheavel revealed something clicking against their combined efforts of claws. A glint of gold peaked through the dirt.

Slowly but surely, they uncovered a large gold and blue box. Sharing a weary look, then, after cautiously glancing around, they opened it. Both jumped at the sight of bones littering the inside, only to relax moments later when, at closer examination, it turned out the bones were made of pure gold, while covered in pearls and jewels.

Azraback was ecstatic over the find, he now had the perfect eyes for his sandy creations, and Rouyakan decided to use his half to rent a hotel and laze about for the rest of his days.