Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

Scorcher Winning Entry

Say, what bells ring so loud in this clear winter air?
Hail, see those bright stars full of winter cheer!

The sound of Faerie laughter,
The sight of a baby’s first smile
They echo through the streets
And carry on a while

I hear them in my bed
Covers up to my chin
I try to stay awake
But then my sleepy eyes win

When I wake sunlight shines
Upon my head and through the blinds
The Mistmas Bells roar twice as loud  

They come from the children’s delight
From that merry golden light
That comes with the first snow
From near and far and high and low

I pull my red white striped stockings on and rush to the window
With shining eyes I gape and stare down to the streets below
Stigs rush around with holly leaves and garlands red and green
Cherai dance with mistletoe and kissing lovers are often seen

But best of all were the Skillows soaring high
They grasp gold and silver bells and throw them to the sky
The Mistmas Bells are singing now as they fall down to the earth
They fill all hearts and heads with song and joy and tears of mirth

Tarinooki scamper across the roofs and trees
They string the bells on rainbow ribbons and hang them as they please
Say, what bells ring so loud in this clear winter air?