Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

rayge Winning Entry

A Befuddling Mistmas

Flaymze slept fitfully that night, not because of the fact that it was Mistmas eve, but because of a nightmare. He was sitting around the sparkling Mistmas tree with Charly the Aquatic Obsideon, Growlzap the Storm Ahbruis, Damascus the Jinx, and Tirna-Nog, the Nightmare Lirionox, and their varied pals, getting ready to open their Mistmas presents. A chorus went up for Flaymze to open Tirna’s present first. Sensing that, with the Lirionox’s twisted sense of humor and the fact that the two could not truly enjoy each other’s company, this was possibly going to be unpleasant. Delicately as he could, with his teeth, he tore the parchment wrapping paper from the box and using a single furtive hoof, he slid the lid open. Out of the box sprang a very agitated Nightmare Darkseed, which immediately attached itself to the Inferno Mericai’s Head. Flaymze fell over, setting the Mistmas tree ablaze. The pets immediately fled the vicinity of the flaming tree. Tirna, however, was laughing, warming his backside in the dancing flames of the Mistmas tree, now a bonfire.

Flaymze woke with a start, and his loyal pal, Firetayle cuddled close to his side, snoring deeply, a stream of smoke wafting from his nostrils. Flaymze settled back down, envying the other pets for their dreams of a Mistmas full of fun and togetherness.

The Inferno Mericai had just drifed off when Charly, the Aquatic Pet and the only one that could come close to Flayzme without a severe singeing, roused him, singing a Mistmas song in his ear. The pets, full of excitement, gathered around the heap of Mistmas presents that nearly obscured the tree. Flaymze shrank from the beauty of it, fearing the fire from his nightmare while his pal, Firetayle scampered around, sniffing for spicy foods amongst the brightly wrapped gifts. Charly gently pushed Firetayle away from the highly flammable wrappings as he accidentally scorched a hole in one of the boxes. A chant went up among the pets, they wanted Flaymze to open the first gift, and just as his dream had foretold, it was from Tirna-Nog. He glanced around at their happily expectant faces and just as in his dream, opened the gift.

Lying in the box, instead of a Nightmare Darkseed, was a fireproof version of Mr. Chubbles. The Mericai removed the Teddybear and allowed Firetayle to sniff it.

The Little pal seemed to approve. Suddenly the Mericai remembered what he had given the Lirionox. He waited with apprehension as the gift-pile dwindled until only a few remained. Tirna-Nog reached into what was left and found the Inferno Mericai’s Gift. He had difficulty unwrapping it, as all three of his heads were eager to tear off the paper. As he lifted the lid, out sprang a Nightmare Chipuff. Flaymze expected the little fluffy creature to scamper, squealing in terror from Tirna, but instead, the fluffy chipuff snuggled right against the Lirionoxes front legs, purring in a loud rasp. Tirna stared at Flaymze, all three sets of teeth grinning in pure pleasure. In his low voice, he said, "I was going to give you a Nightmare Darkseed, just for the fun of it." But I knew you would panic and set the tree on fire. I’m glad I changed my mind and got you the Teddybear instead."