Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

widget3607 Winning Entry

It was a funny sight. The tiny thing curled up under such a vicious figure such as me. I could see that it was copying everything I did. But, although I usually despise znakes,this one seemed to be a comfort to me. That was why I had to hide him. Any other individual who spied even the smallest scale, even a Zokuleon, would laugh at the two of us. The only two who knew were Takula, my owner, and Guinevere. The best sister ever. But still annoying. "Fireball! Ya stupid Jinx, get over here!" I woke up out of my trance and glanced around. Where was the tiny Furry Znake? "Your little friend-"Kashen!" Kashen decided to get tangled in Taluka's hair! Help me get him out before she wakes!" Man, she's a heavy sleeper, I thought." Ahhh Guinevere, stop! That hurts!" Or not. Sigh. Time to help them out. Again. As I shambled up the stairs I heard a familiar rumbling sound. "Well, after this, I'm gonna have lunch", I said. As soon as I reached the door of the bedroom, I heard silence. Finally, a break! "Ohmygoditsonmyheadgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff!" Guess not. And I walked in to the room. Maybe he'll stop if I stop taking cookies from the jar. I'm such a bad example. And we continued until he was out. "You're so evil", I said to him. And, just for that moment, I swear he opened his tiny mouth and smiled.