Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

Sar Winning Entry

Strange Story

Ever since I was a small cub living in my Mama’s den
I’ve wanted to break out on my own, my trek to never end.
I started out a young greenhorn afraid to leave his home
But now my home is on the road, a traveler on my own.

And on my travels I have met so many folks along the way
They trade with me for the wares I need and help me every day.
Throughout my endless journey many treasures I have found
If you prove to be a great help to me, then to share I’m honor-bound.

Although I don't stay long enough for you to learn my name
If you find the need track me down, I'll be fishin' out near games.
I’m sure that you’ll remember me if our paths do cross again
In this wild and mistic world of ours, you can always call me friend.