Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

Syncopated Winning Entry


To say that bloodcurdling screams were rare upon this particular vessel would be to spread a blatant falsehood, and, normally, the pets milling about on the deck of the ship attending their various duties would not be particularly alarmed by this specific vocalization. However, when such an assault upon the eardrums finds its origins in the Captain's cabin, circumstances dictate much more panicked protocol.

The chaos that followed the scream served well to illustrate the rather unorthodox nature of this particular vessel. The crew scurried sporadically about the deck in a flurry of panic, some emerging from below to join them in their misinformed rampage.

The only creature that did not seem to be terrified out of his wits for the Captain's safety (but somehow unwilling to rush to aid their leader) was an Oceanic Obsideon, snoozing quite peacefully beside a pile of discarded netting, the broken half of a skull mask lying perched precariously upon his nose. One eye opened slowly, lid flickering to reveal a milky purple iris void of any sight whatsoever. The other followed, this one gold in color and clearly functional, as it darted about the deck, attempting to understand what was going on.

He stood and stretched before padding through the mass of flailing limbs, heading for the Captain's door belowdecks. This was not exactly an uncommon occurrence. As he approached the origin of the catalytic sound, he was forced to fling himself to safety as the wooden door came crashing open with a loud bang.

"THAT IS IT!" the irate albino Obsideon standing in the doorway stated. "I've 'ad it with these Znakes on my ship!"

"Cap'n?" the startled Oceanic questioned, eyebrow raised slightly, peering around the captain to view the contents of the cabin behind her. A lone Emerald Znake lay in the floor, eyes blank and dazed, small stars flying about its head. The captain waved the Whacking Stick still clutched in one paw about randomly as she spoke.

"Can't stand the little blighters, mate, an' that's the truth so it is!"

"Aye, Cap'n Ryuu, I can see that. But ya know, as long as we make port in Rordon, we're sure to pick up a few of 'em along the way."

The captain sighed. "Aye, I know. Doesn't mean I 'ave to like 'em though."

"Sure enough." He replied, padding into the cabin and lifting the dazed Znake gingerly. "I'll just take this 'un, then. We'll let 'im go when we make port again, I suppose." With that, he padded off, leaving the Cap'n grumbling behind him.

Ryuu awoke that night to an odd rustling in her cabin. She looked about in alarm, placing a paw reassuringly on the hilt of the cutlass laid upon the bedside table.

"Who's there?" She questioned shakily.

The next thing she knew, a large, blunt object had made contact with her face. She gazed up dazedly, stars forming in her eyes. The door creaked open once before closing again, and in that instant she swore she saw a small green figure sporting a bandage upon its head slithering through the opening into the night.