Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 6

Moonchild25 Winning Entry

Mr. Znake

One day as I strolled along,

An annoying znakey warbled a song.

He slithered across my path with such a din,

And I exclaimed, "Oh what a terrible thing!"

I raised my foot and thunked it down,

N'cried, "That should deal with the aweful clown!"

But then came a squeak, "EXCUSE ME!"

"I believe that's me tail under y'foot, you see?"

He looked at me with a furrowed brow,

I blanched feeling like a milking cow.

"I'm sorry dear sir, " I whispered to him.

"Right you are, I'm Mr. Slim!"

I nodded my head and smiled at his hat,

He nodded at me and gave me a pat.

"It's ok dear girl, I shouldn't have dragged it."

"Your fault?," I gasped, "Why I snagged it!"

The Znake turned and wiggled away.

And I learnt to respect my fellow Znake that day.