Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Sar Winning Entry

Many years ago, in a happy kingdom nestled deep within the heart of Mistica, a young shyre anxiously awaits discovery as she hides silently in a dark and solemn room. While trying to keep her body hidden behind the small frame of a simple wooden bed, she desperately listens for any movement outside the door. Managing to evade capture and stealthily maneuver her way through the castle without being seen had been quite the adventure. Luckily her knowledge of the castle grounds aided her in quickly galloping through the day’s adventure. As she patiently sat on the cold stone floor, the events of the day flashed in her mind bringing the occasional gleeful smile to her face.
Her first success was in getting in and out of the kitchen before anyone had time to notice her presence. Luckily the King and Queen were just having their afternoon meal and there was some commotion in the hall that gave her the chance to slip in and add her own little touches to their food before making off with what she’d need later in the day. As she slipped out of the kitchen, the cooks could be heard loudly gossiping over what had caused the knights to start a hurried search of the castle.
Having found success so easily in her first task, she boldly took to the royal gardens and began her rampage like a whirling tornado! Putting aside the sack of food she had swiped from the kitchen she pulled out a small knife and proceeded to slash at the many beautiful flowers decorated around the picturesque courtyard. Like a naughty nymph she hopped about in a flurry of color dancing in and out of the shadows of a great tree that stood as the majestic heart of the Queen’s favorite retreat. After taking the best of what the garden fauna had to offer, she proudly hugged her large bundle of flowers before safely wrapping it and cantering away for her next adventure with her sack slung over her back.
The last and most difficult task seemed almost impossible! She had been watching her target closely for weeks now and knew that if there was a search underway, that he would be heading it up. The small adornment that only the King’s Guard could wear was her goal and it was always pinned close to his heart. Wearing a hooded cloak, she blended in with the townsfolk going about their normal daily bustle. The sun hung low in the sky when the knights came round checking the carts of peddlers in the market. They were still on the hunt as she risked being caught when she strategically fell in their path with a cry. Her target’s attention was quickly focused on her as he rushed over to make sure she was unhurt. While helping her up, she carefully helped herself to the pin on his cloak and quickly thanked him before feigning embarrassment and hastily disappearing into the crowd. Not daring to look back she giggled to herself pondering at how dumbfounded he might be.
It had been a long and chaotic day; the good knight looked defeated as he walked down the hall. Ordered by his king to retire and let the search continue without him, he laboriously made his way to the lonely room where sleep would be his last hope. Although the king was sure all would be fine, the knight couldn’t help but worry. Stopping outside his door he quietly whispered a simple prayer to himself before peering into the dark room as his single candle gently illuminated his small and sparsely decorated room. Glancing over to his bed he noticed a crudely made doll with something catching the light pinned to its breast. As he drew closer with his candle, he noticed a wild and colorful bundle of flowers were also propped up on his pillow next to another small bundle. Still baffled by the items on his bed he finally saw the small shyre curled up on the ground at the other side of his bed. While a wave of relief washed over him, he gently knelt to lift up the princess and carry her back to her room. As she groggily woke up from her slumber, she smiled and tried her best to happily say “Surprise!” though she was more asleep than awake. Trying to understand what the little princess had been up to all day the stoic ahbruis asked, “Princess, why did you do all this?”
“Because,” the little princess yawned, “you said that since I’m a princess I’ll be able to throw parties for my friends but I wanted yours to be a surprise.” She nestled closer to her beloved knight and slipped back into sleep. Being thought of as a friend to the little princess he so dearly loved would forever be a treasure kept deep within the knight’s heart.