Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Gremlin Winning Entry

Ahhh, that reminds me. Have I told you the tale of Bulwark's surprise party? Everything went as planned... except for the surprise part. And maybe the party part.

Bulwark, for all her dedication and dependability, was quite a solitary creature. Alas, it was left to me and me alone to celebrate her birthday. I had forgotten that her species was one that did not require food and did not have anything relatable to a celebration or holiday. She was an amalgamation of coal, much like a stone golem. Infused with magic and thus gifted with the ability to survive without food or water, she was quite a simple companion to have around.

I got her a cake anyways. Nothing too fancy, just one that tasted like a mix of coffee and chocolate. She would probably enjoy it, I thought. I carried it up the trail to the old campsite where Bulwark stayed. It was a rocky place, but with a careful pace everything should have been alright.

Everything was not alright. I was too use to walking alone at night with my memory keeping track of where to step. I tripped over a set of black rocks that should have not been there. I caught myself falling and I ended up alright. As for the cake, it was annihilated. It looked like the aftermath of having been ripped apart by a fiery explosion. I got up, sighed, and then realized that I had tripped over poor Bulwark.

Realizing what I had done, I replied with a distraught "Sorry, I didn't see you there and I'm sorry. That was suppose to be your surprise cake. For your surprise birthday. I-"

Lo and behold, upon hearing that the cake was destined for her consumption, she began eating it off the floor. She had no need for it and was merely eating it as if it was a command that I had issued her. I didn't know what to say. I was flabbergasted. So I did what seemed logical at the time. I joined in and ate some cake off the ground too.