Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

lillium Winning Entry

It was Halloween eve as Xavier, the toxic Aetra, was pacing around in his living room waiting for his friends to come over. They were planning on having the best halloween but how would they if Dimitri and Melixa never show up. Xavier was about to give up on his friends when there was a knock at the door. He quickly races towards the door and swings it open. Melixa, an Arctic tarinooki, flies in and plops down on the couch. Dimitri, a nocturnal Haruba, bobs his head down and walks in and sits down next to Melixa.
"Where have you two been?" Xavier asks closing his door and taking a seat across from the two.
"Melixa was experimenting, again." Dimitri says. Melixa was always experimenting on little creatures that walk by here. She was twisted, but her childhood had been twisted.
"Sorry. I was putting ravens' wings on little rabbits." She lets out a small laugh.
"Ah," Xavier murmurs. "So, how are we going to do it this year?"
"Lets get creative." Melixa purrs.
"How so?" Dimitri asks, he and Milixa were always close and Xavier was pretty sure that they were in love with the other but too stubborn to admit it.
"We should do more tricking than treating." Melixa answers with a devious smile.
"Tricking or scaring?" Dimitri asks knowing what she would say.
"Scaring of course." She answers. Xavier smiles at the thought of scaring the little kids. The night ends with them planning to meet up at five on Halloween.
The three have to manage school before they could go off tricking the younger kids. Their classes seem to drag out longer than normal. But when the school bell chimes they all race out of the building and go home. Xavier pulls on his costume, he was a devil with sharp teeth and glaring eyes that could pierce into one's soul. He manages to find the abandoned factory that Melixa calls home. She had dressed up as a fallen angel. She had dyed her wings black with red highlights to look like broken angel wings. She wore a broken halo to finish off her costume. Dimitri had sharpened his fangs to make them sharper and ate a lot of red fruits to make the effect of having blood drip off his teeth. His eyes seemed to be shiny against his dark fur, making him look evil. His claws and around his mouth as well were colored red.
"Ready to go scare the little ones?" Melixa chimes. Halloween was her favorite time of the year. She loved dressing up and scaring the pipsqueaks.
"Ready." Xavier smiles, he leads their small pack out into the dark of night. They stay close to the shadows. They spot a small group of little Nokwi dressed as fairies and princesses. Dimitri laughs at their outfits. The three sneak up on them. Melixa flies above and lands in front of the group making the little Nokwi scream and try and turn away to run but they stop in their trail to find Dimitri and Xavier. Dimitri howls to the moon as Xavier stares into the biggest of the four Nokwi's eyes. The Nokwi shakes and starts crying. Xavier felt kind of bad but not enough to stop. The littlest Nokwi runs, the others following. They all drop their candy. The youngest one tries to run back for the candy but one of them yank the other's wing and drags her behind. Melixa laughs and walks over to snatch the four bags of candy.
"They got us nice candy." Melixa smiles.
"I think we got enough candy." Xavier says not really wanting to scare anyone else into losing their candy.
"Aw, one more?" Melixa pleads with him. Xavier was the oldest of the three so he was the leader of the group. Xavier shakes his head and leads them back to Melixa's home. They spread out the candy. They divided the huge mound of candy into three portions. They trade candies for different ones. They laugh and talk about different things. But when the clock Chimes twelve time it was time for Xavier to go home. He push his candy into a bag. He walks home and was about halfway home when there was a gush of cold wind hitting him. He shudders but stays on the path home. He looks around to see four little figures following him. He starts to walk faster but the little figures kept up with him. They start to surround him. He stops when he was trapped. They were in dressed in dark fairy outfits and dark princess outfits.
"We want our candy back." One of them says. The others say in harmony, "Candy!"
"Why would I give it back?" He asks annoyed by the children's request for their candy back.
"Because if you don't you'll be scared just like you did to us." The leader says. The others chants, "like us! Like us!"
"Ha! Like little pipsqueaks could scare me!" Xavier laughs harshly. "I was going to give it back to you when I got home but now I won't."
"Time to scare, girls." The leader says. They start to get closer and move around him chanting, "Nights cold, like you. Time to face your deepest fears. Time to change. Time to change," they kept singing and Xavier was getting a tiny bit scared.
"Fine!" He screams. "I'll give it back." He throws the bag of candy and dashes through the group of Nokwi and don't stop until he was inside his home and locked the doors. He was never going to scare little Nokwis ever again. They were just as bad as him and his friends, if not worse.