Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Obsideon Winning Entry

Autumn leaves of golden sunshine
Flutter through the canopy
Falling onto scenes of mirth and
Children, wand'ring, full of glee.

Lanturnacht, and all its glamour
Festive in the falling light,
Comes again to Mistica
A time of laughter, and of fright.

Tiny little Phelocans eat
Piles of tasty candy corn,
And dressed as pommekins, totter 'round
A gang of cheeky Eledon.

But, out of the nearby woods
A wailing howl is heard by all.
Children scatter, teeth all chatter,
Who, or what, makes such a call?

Parents take their children's hands
(Or wings, or fins, or hooves, or paws)
And lead them quickly back home, safe,
Rushing back, with not a pause.

The party site lies now, deserted,
Everyone has scurried off.
A potential monster threat
Is worth missing the bake-off.

But was it really a monster?
Snarling, violent, angry beast?
No, just a sly Obsideon
Helps himself now to the feast.