Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Kiraatwood Winning Entry

“It’s Investigator Hammy, sir,” A clumsy little Inferno Cheran stumbled through the office door, panting from slight exhaustion. “I’m here.”

Tormic leaned harder against the cushion of his chair, putting on his reading glasses as he fumbled for his most recent files. He sighed, and trying to keep his tone as monotone as possible, he asked, “What’s it this time, Hammy?”

“I know you’re busy keeping up with the Forest Misticpal shop and all, but the Chronicles put me on another case regarding the Darkwood Hollow. Could you maybe grant me access to explore, deeper, into the Hollow? This could be my big break…”

Tormic could hear the bell ring outside the office; a customer was waiting in his shop. Growing uneasy with impatience, he tried to rush Hammy, “Yes, yes, very good Hammy. You may go, investigate what you want…now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a customer waiting.” He stood up, exiting the room and leaving Hammy all alone.

Grinning, Hammy murmured to himself. “Big shot, here I come!”

[center]* * *[/center]

Fear spiked through Hammy’s veins. He glanced behind his back with every step he took, gasping at every little rustle in the leaves or random chirps from the wildlife. He had been wandering around the forest for two full hours now, and by now it seemed as if he was just walking in a continuous circle.

[i]I need to get out of here. I’m not cut out for this kind of place. But where is the entryway? Everything looks the same.[/i] Hammy groaned, fearing that he may not ever make it out of there.

Well, not make it out alive, anyways.

Hammy quickened his pace, studying his surroundings and desperately looking for anything that looked familiar. So concentrated on his surroundings, he hardly ever glanced at where he was placing his feet and tripped over a tree root.

By now, his emotions were running high. He had mentally broken down; so worn out and exhausted from his exploration. Tears piled over his eyelids and he began to wail from the stress.


An aggressive roar rang out nearby, and Hammy quieted at once. Keeping caution at hand, he kept his crying to a muffled sob.

An angry looking Overgrown Haruba leaped from its hiding place, its lips curled up into a vicious snarl.

“Why are you here?” The Overgrown Haruba stepped closer. Its voice was lush, full with a thick, native accent.

“I’m -errr- Investigator Hammy of the Mistic Chronicles…and I am here for a special report on-“

“Enough! You are not native to these lands.” The Haruba grimaced. “Then why do you trail so deep in these woods?”

“Well, Tormic gave me permission, and it seemed okay…”

“Tormic? Ha! You think he has a say in who may trespass in this forest?”

“Well, kinda. I mean-“

The Overgrown Haruba interrupted Hammy again, furious. “You must leave. Your kind is not welcome here.” The Haruba gestured to Hammy’s flaming tail and mane. “Your kind does nothing but harm. You cause the Evil Fire, the burning flames that kill this land.”

“Not all are that way.” Hammy replied defiantly. He hesitated, trying not to upset the Haruba further. He decided distracting the Haruba with another topic would be the best way for it to calm down. “What is your name?”

“Delta. I stalk these parts.”

“Delta, that’s a lovely name.”

“Do not patronize me. Now, I thought I told you to leave?”

Hammy paused, distressed. “I’m lost.”

Delta sighed, rolling her eyes. “Of course, you do not see.” She waved her paw, gesturing to the abundant forest surrounding the two of them. “Look. You see the trees? They climb up, growing inch by inch, until they can touch the sky. And the little Daydream and Nightmare pals scuttle about, hiding in the roots and crevices of the trees. The trees are their homes.

“They are connected. The forest is linked, everything living is intertwined together. They are one. So if you happen to misplace your tail and start a fire, and destroy these trees, what will happen to those little Misticpals? They will have no home!

“You see, everything in the Darkwood Hollow is one. If you harm one part of the forest, you harm it all. If you understand that, there is nothing else to learn about the Hollow.”

Hammy’s eyes widened, sinking in the information. The edges of his mouth twitched up into an uneasy smile, and he nodded to Delta, “I see. I understand. Thank you.”

And with that said, Delta stalked off into the shadows of the forest, leaving Hammy alone once more. But he was no longer lost. The path he took was clear to him now; and he scurried off to the entrance of the Darkwood Hollow.

[center]* * *[/center]

He was back at the Chronicles head office, now with a confident swagger about him. Hammy walked boldly up to the Commander-in-Chief, thrusting his files onto the Chief’s desk.

Hammy smirked, eyes shining. “You know that report on Darkwood Hollow you sent me out to do? Boy, have I got a story for you…”