Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

race234 Winning Entry

My eyes darted back and forth as I looked for a place to hide, as the thunder of the their foot steps got louder. There a tree with some lower branches, I pulled myself up higher I must get higher. Just as I pulled myself up the Mandornan thunder past. I sighed thankful they didn't trample me. I jumped when I heard near by leaves russle my heart started poounding and my breathing increased quickly maybe I wasn't as safe as I thought. Then a friendly little Skillow hopped out probably wondering what all the noise was. When he saw me he flew over settled on my shoulder and sighed. I just looked at him dumb struck. After about 2 hours he still hadn't left so I said to him," Guess your coming home with me." I climbed out of that tree and went home. To this day me and Oak still vist that oak tree on the very same day we met. I guess you can say," Sometimes magical thing happen in Dark Hollows."