Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

SuperSheep Winning Entry

Astavion looked at the house. It was a total mess. He sighed. “So, is anyone going to help me clean?” he asked the empty room. Just then Ryu entered. Surely Astavion’s neat-freak older brother would help? “I am sorry, Astavion. Today I visit my grandfather,” he stated and then left the house. Well, there went that plan. He walked through the hallway and knocked on Rai’s door. “No!” the girl shouted before Astavion even said anything. “At least clean up your room…” he pleaded. “It’s my room, and I like it messy!” came the reply. This wasn’t looking too good. Next was Octavius. The most unpleasant of them all.

Astavion had only gotten down half of the stairs and he knew this was a bad idea. But hey, you could always try, right? He stood in front of the Jinx’s door. After taking a few minutes to gather up the courage, he knocked. “Um, Octavius, could you help with the cleaning?” he asked in a weak voice. The door creaked open a bit, and an eye glared at Astavion. Then the door shut again. Yup, bad idea. So Astavion was all alone after all.

The lonely Astavion walked back up the stairs and looked at the house. Cleaning it by himself would be a serious pain, but there was no avoiding it. Spring cleaning had to be done. Putting on a warrior face, he got out the broom and started. Next was the dusting. Then the window washing. And last, but not least, putting everything all nice and pretty in their places. Perfect. And it had only taken about five hours.

Then Rai came tumbling out of her room, a few of her toys following her. Her sparks singed the nearest table. Ryu came in through the door, feet dirty and carrying tons of books. Not seeing where he was going, the Gurahdi bumped into at least ten different things on his way to his study, causing them to fall and scatter. Lastly, Octavius decided it was time for a walk and climbed up the stairs, walked through the house, and out the door, bones falling from his pelt and bringing a terrible smell with him. Astavion sighed. There really was no use trying, was there?