Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

AlbinoLamb Winning Entry

Hearken! For the tale I have to spin is one of fine linen. Back when the days were of yawn and dew against the crisp grass a tiny sprite of the name, Kowchee, met the wise woodland Mandoran. Frightened at first, the young Kowchee decided to test the Mandoran's trust. On the 2nd day of every week, Kowchee greeted the old Mandoran,
"What always ends everything?" Questioned the sprite.

Giving a simple nod, the Mandoran answered, "The letter 'G'."

"Indeed, I shall return on the 2nd day of the next week." Kowchee promised and went on his way. For seven weeks he visited the Mandoran giving him a new riddle every week. On the 8th week Kowchee decided to test the wise creature one last time. The sprite journeyed far into Pandora's lair in search of a poppet. Kowchee searched for the Mandoran poppet so he could be just like the wise woodland creature. Drinking the potion with vigorous force, Kowchee did not think about the consequences.

So on the next day, Kowchee in his new form vistied the Mandoran.
"If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?"

Pondering for a moment, the old wise Mandoran looked at the image bestowed upon him, moving his lips ever so slightly he whispered, "...a secret..."

Kowchee smiled and tears ran down his eyes, "Please you have to keep what I did a secret, for it has brought shame upon my name."

The wise woodland Mandoran nodded, for the former sprite was now the same creature as himself.

"It is not shame that you are Mandoran, but that you wanted to be someone you were not." The wise one remarked, from then on Kowchee learned the ways of Mandoran and hopes that someday a sprite poppet would come to excitants. THE END<3