Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Sciger Winning Entry

Despite it being bright above the trees, the Darkwood Hollow always remains fairly dark. No wonder its called ‘Darkwood Hollow’ right? One particular daydream sprite thought so as she flitted her wings, carrying her about. The sprite, whose name was Kylie, watched as an inarbu struggled in a pit of muck and released a high-pitched laugh of amusement.
“If you had wings like me, you wouldn’t be stuck!” was the only ‘advice’ she offered and she quickly flew off. After flying for a while, the proud sprite came across a fairly gloomy-looking nightmare zisscor gazing longingly at another group of zisscors. It was pretty clear that he wanted to hang out with them but, from the fearful looks the other zisscors gave him, they didn’t want him. She just grinned as she flew over, the zisscor glancing over at her with it’s strange gaze.
“If you were just as pretty as me and not that horrible nightmare theme, you’d have friends!” she giggled and flew away, leaving the zisscor feeling absolutely miserable. Kylie fluttered around more, her ego swelling with each unkind saying she told each misticpet as she flew around. Unfortunately, her luck was about to run out.
As Kylie headed home as the day came to a close, she found her wings aching from flying so much. She quickly landed on what looked like normal ground. As soon as her feet touched the muck, there was a loud squishing sound and she was stuck fast. Struggling, Kylie found herself sitting in the muck, completely immobile. The sound of paws approaching her caused her to pause for a moment and look up. It was the inarbu she had taunted from earlier! Quickly, she begged for his help so she might get home before night fell and made the hollow even darker.
“If you hadn’t been so unkind, I may have helped you,” the inarbu rumbled and waddled away. Shortly after that inarbu, several other misticpets that she taunted earlier that day passed by. They also refused to help her for her unkindness towards them and, instead, laughed at her inconvenience.
Just as she was about to give up hope of getting out before night fell, a familiar nightmare zisscor caught her attention. Fully humiliated and ego deflated, the sprite hung her head.
“Go on, tell me that if I hadn’t been so unkind, you could’ve helped me and get it over with!” she moaned loudly. Instead, she felt the zisscor’s tail gently wrapping around her middle and carefully pulling the sprite free. She watched in surprise, quickly flapping her wings once he released her. Then, he opened his bony jaws and spoke kind words of advice.
“A lack of exsstra pride may get you friendsss. Too much pride will make you enemiesss that will be jussst assss unkind to you assss you were to them,” he murmured quietly before slithering away in silence. Kylie watched quietly as her rescuer went on his way, taking his words to heart as she flew home.

Moral: Pride comes before the fall.