Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Bramblepelt Winning Entry

The Imps and The Sprites
Which side do you favor most?
Do you like rainbows?
Or do you prefer pranks, tricks?
The Imps and The Sprites,
Surely you allie with Sprites?
They will make you smile
They will give hugs and adore
Every part of you
Until you can not stand it
And cause a tantrum.
Maybe Sprites aren't the best choice.
Do you side with Imps?
Do you enjoy causing pain?
Or will you just be sneaky
and hide in bushes
until someone trips over
your foot sticking out.
But your victim will be mad,
and get their revenge.
So it is time to conclude
That both sides indeed
Have their good sides and bad sides
And also, it's true
That neither can be for you.