Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 47

Chandler Winning Entry

They Leave for a Snack

Can you hear the voices of Darkwood Hollow,
The whispers of creatures, the silence swallows,
And now comes the giggle of a mirthful Sprite,
And the laughter of an Imp who it would fight.

But no, they have seen us!
And together they wish to cause distress,
If we run there is still a meager chance,
That we can avoid taking part in their roguish dance.

Over head flies one! Behind comes another!
Duck or else we will hit each other!
We shout as the ground flies from beneath our feet,
And a new darkness we fall to meet.

I can hear their chuckles, full of mischievous glee,
And flashes of bodies, now I see,
Gazing down with eyes from another age,
They watch from the rim of our earthen cage.

What must we do to escape?
A new idea in my mind takes shape.
I tell you what it is, but when I look up they are gone,
You say, for a snack they have withdrawn.