Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

TMLwrite Winning Entry



“Why do you we have a crooked Mistmastree?”

“It was the cheapest one I can find! You know that we’re short on money,”

“...I like it...it has character,”

“Of course you would Amiko,”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?!”

“-sigh- Merry Mistmas everybody,”


Thebie Malos Lovvette was working in the small kitchen of her cottage, a pale hand coming up to her brow every few minutes to wipe her brow.

She had been working for several hours now over a hot stove, making Mistmas dinner for her family. She had been saving up for months, and was very proud with the fact that this was the first Mistmas with her new family. She wanted this Mistmas to be the best, so that is why she spent part of her savings on her family’s presents. She just hoped that they all liked the hats she bought them.


Hyperion was sitting by the fire, reading one of his favorite book’s Feron of the Forest. For the past few days, he watched Thebie run around the house, putting up homemade decorations singing Mistmas tunes as she did so. He chuckled at her childishness. Her love for the holidays was contagious, and he felt his heart warm up a bit whenever he looked at the handmade popcorn strings. But when he walked into the living room, and saw the crooked Mistmas tree, he couldn’t help but ask. But, after hearing Amiko’s and Destruct’s voices, he had to admit, the crooked tree made his Mistmas even better. Because it described their family perfectly. Alone, it was not perfect, but, once the ornaments, tinsel, and lights were added, it became something beautiful.


Amiko was ecstatic. She raced all around Mistica, helping Thebie gather ingredients for Mistmas diner. Even though she was new to the Lovvette family, Thebie and Hyperion treated her as if she had been with them for years. So, as she traveled around Mistica, she had a huge smile on her face, and she said hello to everyone she saw. Amiko wanted to make this holiday the best one she’s ever had. Spending it with her family, sitting in front of the fire, and next to their crooked tree. Which Amiko named Bob a few minutes after she saw it. 


Destruction was working hard. Thebie wanted to string lights on the outside of the house, unfortunately, gravity didn’t like her that much. So, instead of having her getting killed, he volunteered to do it for her. As he strung the multi-colored lights along the rooftops, he could hear Thebie’s off-key singing from the inside. He may have been the newest addition to the family, but he felt like he belonged with the strange family from the beginning. He smiled, and began to sing along with Thebie, the warm Mistmas feeling warming his heart.


“Hyperion! Amiko! Destruct! Dinner time!”

“Coming Thebie!”


As the Lovvette family sat around their small table, eating Thebie’s home cooked meal, Hyperion, Amiko, and Destruction shared a look as their other family member ate her pie happily. Hyperion chuckled, Amiko smiled brightly, and Destruct felt his heart swell with happiness. 


They may be part of a strange family, but it was their strange family, and they would remember this Mistmas as the best one ever.