Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Fox Winning Entry

A long long time ago, Pandoria and her twin sister were fairies. They were small, quiet, and uninterested in much of the world around them. In fact, they were content on just being with eachother and no one else.

All that changed the moment they met Greed.

Greed was not aggressive, or large, or foreboding. It was simply a small thing, quiet like them, and uninterested in the world around it. The only difference was, it tended to fester. Festering slow, quiet thoughts into those around it, and letting those who were once close see how much more they could have.

Greed met them one day while they were traveling. It offered them the world they saw in front of them, peaceful, and waiting to be taken. All they had to do was reach out..and take it.

Pandoria saw Greed and shook her head, moving past it.

Her sister, however, saw Greed and all that he offered...and took it. She let it fester, let it grow inside of her..and corrupt her.

From then on Pandoria and her sister struggled against one another. Pandoria would try to keep her in balance while her sister did the opposite. Thus began the world, and all the evil in it..