Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Villainess Winning Entry

"Ugh! Blizzard's Realm must be positively melting," Hot shook some of the moisture from her feathers, causing steam to poof out of them as she whined for the ninety-third time. Yes, Kali had counted. She only bit her tongue in time after a rather paltry look from Rigor.

The Nocturnal pet sighed and paused to distance herself from the obnoxious offender. She spotted a tree and decided to take refuge under it. Her muscles relaxed at the cool breeze beneath the leafy boughs. "It isn't like she isn't is a Frost or Winter Gurahdi, like Marlee or Sheen." Kali muttered to her friend when she passed by.

"Be nice," the motherly Oceanic Gurahdi scolded.

"What? I am just saying you see neither of them complaining!"

"Perhaps, we just know better than to argue." The ever cheerful Sentry mused, sarcastically, as he sloshed by the pair. He held his snowy frame together, using his ribbons, but was beginning to look a bit lopsided. Kali had to suppress a giggle as his permanently downturned beak drooped down his neck.

Rigor's wing whapped against her head before Kali had a chance to dodge. "Be nice."

"Is that all you can say?" Kali rubbed her neck.

Rigor glowered in response. Apparently so.

"Uuuugh!" Hot started up again, only to stop as the rest of their party glared daggers into her. "What? Did I say something offensive?"

Kali exhaled her breath. "Let's just hope Blizzard's Realm is still there when we get there."

"If not, I am sure it will be a nice swimming pool?" Rigor offered, helpfully.