Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Ceridwen Winning Entry

It was a nice night out, quiet. The peace away from some of his more rowdy companions was rather enjoyable. It had honestly been far too long since he had been able to get away from them. But tonight they were all inside, playing some game or another on his request. That gave him the perfect opportunity to enjoy the smell of flowers and the sight of the moon.

Auron stretched his wings as he stood there, the silent sentry in the garden, taking in everything. The yellow roses would need to be replaced soon, they were starting to fade in color. Nothing but the best would be allowed to stay in his garden. After all, he had an image to maintain.

A knife came whizzing by him and he leaned to the left. He sighed as his peace was destroyed, something he knew was inevitable. He had told the others that tonight was one where he would rather be left alone. That was true enough, but he had also been forewarned that there would be an attack on their little family tonight. It was easiest if he dealt with it himself, without having to worry about the others.

Still, as he dropped the remains of one assailant in the fountain and moved onto the next, Auron couldn’t help but wish that they had waited just a bit longer to attack. He had been enjoying the appearance of the garden in the light of the full moon.