Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Sar Winning Entry

Making her way through the woods after visiting her good friend Feron, Pandoria could hear the glittering sounds of laughter coming from just beyond the trees ahead. She slowed her pace so that she could silently observe her people enjoying this beautiful day and see what brought them so much joy. When she pushed back the brush she could see a little eledon happily balancing a jellybean on her trunk while making her way towards a cocky little haruba who was doing the same but seemed to be overly confident in her stride.

“I’m gonna catch you!”

The little haruba almost dropped her bean to glance back. “No you won’t because I’ve practiced!”

A little ways behind them were two nokwis, one of which had trouble keeping his jellybean balanced for any amount of time on his beak and the other who opted to simply put his jellybean on his head. A very unimpressed baby obsideon must have been the one judging all of this because he lazily waited at the finish/start line of this strange race; popping a random jellybean into his mouth while he watched.


“NOW YOU TWO! WHEN IS THIS GAME OVER?” Cried a flustered voice off to the right of where this group was racing.

In the distance, Pandoria could see a koko standing far off from the bottom of a hill where two shyres raced up and down, plucking a jellybean from a bucket at the top of the hill and dropping it into one of their own at the bottom. Mumbling the koko murmured, “Well, you’ll run out of beans anyway!” *shaking her head she turned her attention back towards the others but seemed struck by something*

Suddenly Pandoria realized the young girl was looking at her! She had been found out! Having been discovered and not meaning to stay hidden forever, Pandoria came out to greet everyone.

“Greetings children!” she smiled brightly. The young koko, who seemed like the oldest of the bunch, gave a slight bow to her and a shy smile, while the two shyres behind her continued to sprint. After the little eledon managed to take the lead in the race she came running up to Pandoria and cried, “Hello Pandoria! Thank you so much for the jellybeans! We’ve had so much fun in our games with them!”

“I’m so glad you were able to find ways to use them for more amusement than just eating.”
“Oh yes! We need to burn off all of our excess energy or that’s what mother says so she suggested these games she used to play when she was little” Her smile beamed while sweat rolled down her face under the bright rays of the sun.

“That brings me so much joy. I will have to remember this for next year and be sure to give out many goodies again so you can continue your games! Just remember to brush your teeth when you get home!”

They all laughed and said almost in unison, “We know.”