Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

Lights are shining bright,
Houses warm with glee,
Smiles all around.
Everyone is happy!
(Ho ho ho)

The spirit is abound,
Mistmas trees around
Springing up in all the towns,
Carols can be heard now!

Oh, Mistmas time, Mistmas time!
A time for mirth and joy!
Boreal hasn't shown her face;
C'mon, let's dance around!

Oh, Mistmas time, Mistmas time!
Cocoa passed hand to hand;
It's time to drink and laugh and sing,
C'mon, just play along!

The night was passed with friends,
Caroling merrily;
Children laughed and ran,
Packed snowballs in their hands!
(Ho ho ho)

Staring at the hearth,
Thinking of gifts bought,
Waiting to see them marveled at;
It would be such a sight!

Oh, Mistmas Eve, Mistmas Eve,
Anticipation grows!
Boreal may not strike this year;
But if she did we'd know!

Oh, Mistmas Day, Mistmas Day,
Time to laugh and play!
There's such an air of happiness;
No room for any spite!

Oh, how could you hate this season?
The time of snow and ice?

Oh, how could you hate this season?
The time of smiles and light?

Ho ho ho, Merry Mistmas!