Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Fox Winning Entry

Boreal couldn't believe it. Another Mistmas, another parade of presents, festivities, and happiness. Another celebration of goodwill, harmony, and loving one another.

It made her sick.

She paced back and forth in her icy palace, tapping her finger on her chin thoughtfully. She had never successfully thwarted this terrible holiday, but this year..this year she would succeed. How? Boreal stared out the window, grimacing at the multitudes decorating trees and yelling "Merry Mistmas!" to one another. They were gathered in the town square, singing songs of joy and throwing snowballs at eachother.

And the snowmen..the sickingly happy looking snowmen..there were so many. Every house had one in front of it, every street filled with rows and rows of snowmen. Snowmen with scarfs, snowmen with hats, snowmen holding shovels, pretending to eat cookies-

And it dawned on her.

Boreal put on the most evil looking grin she could muster, rubbing her two hands together, once again evilly. She ran to her library, pulled out a spellbook, and found the perfect one: "Anima Evilus"! Muttering the incantation, she lifted her hands wide, and from them came a blue swirl that traveled down the icy mountain and into the square. The swirl touched each snowmen..

And they became alive.

Perfect! They would come alive and become her new minions, her new evil scions of- well..evilness. Fantastic. They would tear down all the trees, throw snowballs through peoples' windows, and rip up every present and destroy what was in there.

She grinned as they started to move, townsfolk stopping in their track to see what was going on. The snowmen rose up, faced the townsfolk and-

Wait. Boreal frowned. Some of the snowmen were wrapping up gifts, some were decorating trees. Some were even trying to sing along with the carolers, even though they had no mouths. They simply swayed along with the carolers and smiled their silly smiles.

Boreal paced back and forth angrily. What was going on? She picked up the spellbook again, reading through the entire thing, and finding the disclaimer at the bottom. "Warning: Chanting this spell during Mistmas will cause snowmen to act good, not evil. It is Mistmas after all!"

Boreal slumped down on her throne, throwing the spellbook across the room and rubbing her head with her hands. Maybe next year...there was always next year.