Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Xeiana Winning Entry

A dreary day with nothing going on could easily set someone sailing into the dark depths known to everyone as boredom. Boredom was never something one wished to feel, especially if one was an anya, particularly one who had a knack of getting into trouble for his own personal gain. That’s probably how everything started only an hour after, the only witness to who the culprit could have been having seen a deserted Lighthouse Knicknacks shop with a greyish figure sneaking away.

The first victim was none other than the Inferno cheran Lance, who was beginning to get dozy in the warm sunny day. It was a slow day, the wind sneaking into his store just to mess with his clothing. Out of the corner of his eye, bending down to smooth out a wrinkle in the dress nearby, he caught sight of a figure, running too fast for him to properly discern who it was. Bending up to call out to the figure and warn them not to run, a cupcake soared through the air where his head had been before, splattering all over the dress he had bent over.

Shock was written all over his face, not even knowing he had grabbed what was left of the cupcake and tossed it at the intruder, only to find that it ended up hitting none other than Sunny, who was carrying a bag of freshly picked vegetables and fruits. Icing stuck to her fur and she stared in surprise. Ducking out of the shop, avoiding a Zugaberry, he found that he couldn’t find whoever had thrown the cupcake. Turning to apologize to Sunny, a few strawberries exploded in his face.

It was only a few seconds until more shopkeepers and Misticans alike had joined in the fight, many thinking that this had been planned and wanting to join in the festivities, and others because someone pelted them first. The entire town was full of food being wasted, either hitting the ground or landing on someone else, and no one was safe from the food fight. But someone in particular found a figure creeping between the food fighters, dodging every bit of food so he could escape and stepped before him, not wanting him to escape.

“You! It was you who had to have started this!” Serge was holding a plate of pasta, a deep frown on his face as bits of food stuck to his skin. An annoyed snort exited his nostrils, determined to end this and be the only one who would hit the otherwise food particle-less anya.

“Me? Why would I bother starting a food fight? I was just taking a break from my store.” Something about the gleam in those eyes of Makoto’s proved he was lying and the gourix hurled the plate of spaghetti at the anya, only for the quick feline to duck down. Instead, the food item found itself a new target, a beautiful white braneon who came to investigate the horrible yelling coming from the town. Her appearance caused everyone to pause mid-fight in horror.

It was Pandoria.

Slowly the Goddess’s eyes began to open, the plate of spaghetti and meat sauce dripping down her face. No one that day could tell what emotion had surfaced in those sparkling eyes. All that was known by those who were not present was that afterwards the town was cleaned up quickly with no speck of food on the ground.