Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

JessiCosmic Winning Entry

Bored today, with nothing to do.
Sitting all alone at the lunch table with my food.
With my fork I poke around to see if something is new.
Everything I see makes my face cringe, nothing I would want to chew.

When I look up, I see everyone is the same.
Poking around their food like it's some game.
Thinking to myself, I know I need to stop this shame.
When I thought of an idea, I hope it would not go in vain.

Standing up, I slam my hand in my potatoes.
"FOOD FIGHT!" I yell as I throw my food, seeing how this thing would go.
At first I got blind stares, how could anyone know?
A smile pierced my face when food hit my nose.

A roar of laughter and food filled the room.
Getting mush in my hair, but that was already doomed.
When the teachers stopped by, I could already see my tomb.
They stopped the fight over the intercom with a boom.

It was fun while it lasted, everyone looking thrilled.
On my way to detention, at home I'll be grilled.
It was all worth it, memorable night, I'll probably be billed.
But happiness in everyone is what I have filled.