Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Xeiana Winning Entry

It all started out a normal day,
When Harubas race and Cherans play,
Who could have thought it would turn into this?
It all was thanks to Makoto; something was amiss.

First a rotten apple to cause a commotion,
His internal plan was then set into motion,
Through an open door and splattering on a dress,
All shop keepers became angry, just look at this mess!

Others thought another had done this crime,
From out of the crowd, there came a lime,
A food fight began, everyone's attention misled,
For away sneaked the anya, dodging a loaf of bread.

From emotions of anger and shock to joy and laughter,
It seemed as if Makoto's plan was not a disaster,
As he sat near the ocean, cursing his luck,
A fun food fight in Mistica still ran amuck.

Oh food fighting is so much fun,
But when Pandoria gets hit; everyone run!
Except what is this, the sound that comes forth?
Who knew a Goddess wanted to prove her worth?