Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

Check the date,
it's here again;
revived in time for Lanturnacht!
chilling, thrilling,
unearthed once more,
striped; orange and black.

Jinx, he's one,
always plotting;
phantoms with a look.
eerie; quick to the remark;
revels in all things dark.

Lanturns dispel the phantoms,
all spread across the land,
nary a wisp;
they're silent, death.
until dawn's break,
removes their curse.
now that they've left,
all fear is gone;
count the days, 'til
hallows eve.
the night waits.

Be careful, now;
it's Lanturnacht,
the spirits roam,
and they attack;
but fear them not,
for you shall see,
they're not so bad,
as you were taught.
It's when you let them,
taint your heart;
that nightmares spring,
and the night starts.