Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

lilolollo Winning Entry

September 1st - I have arrived at a new planet. Today I found a forest, inhabited by cute little sprites and some fairy-like creatures they seem to call Pals. They brought me to their tree village, where I met someone named Pandoria. She isn't a human like me, she's some sort of feline, but with very large angel-like wings! Who new creatures like that actually existed, and could speak like us? She told me about this world, which is called Mistica. She told me about a swamp, an ice realm where a certain King Blithe lives, about the festivals they keep, and above all about the other inhabitants, MisticPets. She then took me to a small village, where some of these MisticPets were gathered at a well, a Wishing Well. They were all so nice! And they let me make a wish. They say some of them really come true!
And do you know what I wished for?
To be here for just a while longer.