Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Xeiana Winning Entry

Beware the fire that burns up above,
The stars and comets who adorn the sky,
For one cold star jealousy takes root,
As a bright comet trails closer to this planet below,

While the years pass by the comet's shadow lengthens,
Sending the bright star into the shadows,
Beware children of the future,
Once the star falls, her heart will freeze,

Bear the warning my little darlings,
For there is a reason why stars should not fall,
Those stars cannot exist down, nor we above,
Such glittering beauty comes at such a price,

A terrible quake will shake the land,
When the shining star's jealousy fills her heart,
There she will land in a bitter cold place,
It is there where the kingdom of Boreal will rise.