Mistica Chronicles

Welcome to Issue 34

Lugia Winning Entry

It was summer; the time of watermelon and pool parties; of sunburns and no school. For most of Mistica, summer was a time to look forward to. Queen Boreal was not part of that group.
�I hate it!" She hissed to a Kohal who was frantically rubbing sunscreen on her left arm. �I absolutely despise this season!" The Kohal breathed quickly and continued his work without a word. Sure, Boreal was a handful during the winter season with her maniacal plots to end Mistmas, but in the summer... she was a madwoman. Not daring to voice his thoughts, the Kohal glared down at Boreal's frosty arm. When he was finished applying the sunscreen, he backed away from the sullen queen silently.
�Did you do the other arm?" She asked, her tone sharp. Shrinking back, the Kohal nodded. Boreal's eyes softened slightly, but only for a moment. �Good. Now, get back to work. I've got better things to do than get a sunburn." The Kohal deepened his nod and backed out of the room, not breaking eye contact with his ruler until they were separated by a thick wall.
As soon as he was gone, Boreal turned towards an ajar window of her palace with a frown. Sunlight, solemnly seen in the Diamond Glaciers during winter and fall, was now beginning to shine in its fullest. Small rays flittered through the open window, filling the room with a light odd to even Boreal herself.
�Summer," she whispered, despising the word as it rolled off her tongue. �I'll end your reign, even if it means speaking to someone who I contempt even more so than you..." Stepping over to the window, she grasped the handle that held it open firmly. With a booming cackle, she slammed it shut and sent the room into darkness. It was only a matter of time, summer.
The perfect opportunity came later that week.
"You!" She called to a Kohal who had been, until jolted by Boreal's voice, doing nothing in particular. The Kohal rushed over to where she was standing and bowed shortly. �I'm going outside for a moment." She continued, brushing a loose strand of hair from her eyes. The Kohal's eyes widened slightly, but it only nodded once before scurrying away from the queen. Shaking her head, Boreal turned and walked towards the large door leading to one of her castle's patios. She pushed it open with a forceful shove, then strode out into the bright sunlight. She didn't bother to close it, however; a Kohal would certainly come along and do that for her. Raising a gloved hand to her eyes to block the sun's harsh rays, she scanned the horizon for any sign of who she was looking for.
�There she is," the queen commented under her breath as she noticed a streak of red flash across the sky. �Hey! Come down here, I have a bone to pick with you!" She yelled. The red slowed, and Boreal could just barely make out the white face of a Braenon turn towards her. There were a few moments of tense silence between the two; being enemies, Boreal hadn't expected much else. But then the Braenon's expression softened, and she began to approach the queen slowly. She flew closer cautiously until coming to a stop within earshot of Boreal.
�What is it, Boreal?" She questioned, her regal voice echoing through the entirety of the Diamond Glaciers. Boreal's lips pulled back into a frown at the hint of apprehension in Pandoria's voice, but forced a smile nonetheless.
"Is there nothing you can do about the sun? It's scorching out here, especially during the summer months." Her reply was honest, such to the point that she worried Pandoria sensed she was practically begging for change.
�I'm afraid that's Rae's specialty..." her expression remained neutral. �As much as I don't appreciate your schemes during the Mistmas season, I'll see what I can do," she turned to stare directly into the sun. �I guess you'll owe me one." She finished lightly, adding a touch of humor to an otherwise awkward situation. Boreal felt a warmth grow in the pit of her stomach, but hid it with a scowl.
�It's the least you could do." Was all she said before turning from her foe and striding back into the frosty air of her castle. A Kohal scrambled to close the door after her, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Deep thoughts had overtaken her mind, and she continued to ponder Pandoria's kindness until the next morning.
Sitting up in her bed crafted from ice, she stretched her arms and blinked a few times to wake herself entirely. She breathed in the familiar air of her bedroom, letting the dry oxygen energize her before standing. The palace, she noted, was empty of Kohal. Raising her eyebrows, Boreal walked towards the door she had exited the day before and opened it with a light push.
�What-" She began, but was cut off by a cold sensation on her face. Before she knew it, a snowball was sliding down it and to the patio floor. She released an inhuman howl, and when she decided to investigate, her eyes locked onto the appalled faces of her Kohal workers. �Which one of you did this?" Her cry was cut off by the resonant laughter she quickly recognized as Pandoria's. In seconds, the goddess was directly in front of her, tossing a snowball up and down in her paw with a smile on her face.
�Well, Rae was feeling exceptionally generous and decided to place a spell upon this place," she ignored Boreal's upset but awe-struck expression and continued. �You won't have to worry about the summer's heat any longer. Consider this what you will, but I'll be waiting for Mistmas with bated breath."
�I..." Boreal stammered, her rage slowly siphoning away. Turning her face away from the goddess, she continued. �Thank you. I don't say that often, so don't ever expect to hear it again." There was no reply, so she turned back to see if the Braenon was still standing before her. All she saw, however, were her trusty Kohal; playing and enjoying the snow which was now layering the ground. She walked towards them slowly, just then beginning to see the true beauty of the snow that was falling.
It was going to be a good summer.